Excerpts about Learn Quickly

"He (the President) believes very strongly in the importance of education and in work like yours."

---Pat O'Connell Ross, U.S. Department of Education

"Scarpone pulled together her best tactics for teaching fractions, percentages, geometry, algebra and essay writing that she had accumulated over 21 years of teaching, put them on tape, and then created workbooks that would give students the hands-on practice."

---San Diego Union Tribune

"Janet Scarpone has learned a few tricks, including the ability to clone herself."

---San Diego Business Journal

"I turned my TV monitors into team teachers."

---California Educator

"The system of videos and workbooks can cut a student's study time in half while making the learning experience more enjoyable."

---The Beach News

"Students who would take five or six weeks to learn something in a whole class can now learn it in a few days."

---Channel 10 News

"I'm lucky enough to be taught right now by Janet Scarpone. This teacher really gets your attention. She's so thorough and friendly -- she's a good teacher. Anyone can learn from her videos!"

---Katy Martinez (call-in), KPBS Radio: These Days with Dan Erwine

"Although they are intended to lend an extra hand in the classroom, the tapes can also benefit parents with school-aged children as well as young adults studying for college entrance and placement exams."

---GED Items

"She's matter-of-fact, gets straight to the point, and de-mystifies the subject at hand. She makes it all seem simple with little shortcuts for tackling problems and 'tricks' for memorization of formulaic patterns. I found myself wondering why my math teacher never taught me some of these tactics."

---Homefires, The Journal of Homeschooling

"Your friendly voice and comfortable teaching methods help our students overcome their writing and math anxiety. We've been using the Learn Math Quickly and Learn Writing Quickly videos and books since November 1996 and my staff highly recommends them."

---Don Jessup, Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs

"If we had more teachers like her (Scarpone), you wouldn't have kids dropping out."

---San Diego Union Tribune

"I will eternally be grateful to Learn Math Quickly because Ms. Scarpone is the person who finally taught my twins their multiplication tables!"

---Laura Delgado, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

"Janet's goal is for her students to become more positive thinkers with self-confidence who will rediscover their inner creativity, have fun with it, and prosper."

---Crystal McClean, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

Janet Scarpone
is a past recipient of the
CALCO Excellence in Teaching Award
and the
 Front Range Community College Master Teacher Award.
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