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Learn Math Quickly is designed to help students learn whole-number operations, fractions, decimals, percent, ratio and proportion, and the basics of algebra and geometry quickly and easily.

It's simple. Learners watch an engaging lesson, do the assignments, check their answers, and go on to the next lesson. They can comfortably watch the videos over and over--as many times as they want. I put my students in small groups so they can watch the series together and work cooperatively on the workbook assignments. Using this technique, an average learner starting fractions can complete his/her studies quickly. Some do so in as little time as a month!! Berenice Chavez, a GED graduate, used this series successfully and has this to say:

"These lessons built my self-esteem because the examples and problems are so easy to understand."

If you are searching for some classroom or homeschool help in math, these videos and books might be just what you are looking for. The series enabled me to teach three to four times more math than I normally would. By using them I could help as many as six to eight math groups a day. Plus, learners love them. They learn quickly and easily. This series is good for test preparation: CHSPE, GED, ASVAB, CAHSEE, CBEST, Civil Service, and college entrance exams.

This math series consists of 21 videos plus 5 workbooks. Also, there are video lessons and workbooks called Learn Grammar Quickly and Learn Writing Quickly which teach parts of speech, punctuation, and how to write an essay.

Getting over the fear of public speaking, storytelling, demonstrating, persuading, reading aloud, and communicating through fun exercises are included in the five videos plus workbook series: Learn Oral Communication Quickly.

Learn to Find Your Creative Self…Quickly is a twelve-week adventure that helps to improve how you communicate with yourself. Don’t miss this innovative experience which includes the inspirational Dreams Can Come True video!

We also offer the Learn Quickly programs in an online format for groups and schools. Do contact us for more information about them.

These teaching tools give learners the skills they need at exactly the time they need them. They work well both in the classroom and as a home tutor. Sometimes the best seat in the classroom is not in the classroom at all! For more information, call us at:


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