About the Author

Janet Scarpone created the Learn Quickly videos, books, and online programs in math, writing, grammar, and communication. Thousands have learned from them. Her Master’s Degree is in Speech Communication and her teaching career at the university, college, business, and adult school levels spans forty years. She is the recipient of many awards and honors. These include the CALCO Excellence in Teaching Award, the FRCC Mentor Teacher Award, and special recognition for valuable contributions by a Colorado communication professor.

Ms. Scarpone is dynamic and passionate as a teacher. She has over forty years of teaching experience, has published many successful educational videos and books, and was also honored for her teaching. When I hired her at FRCC, her reference at the time told me she was among the best faculty members he had ever hired and I would be very glad if I hired her. He was certainly correct.

Andrew R. Dorsey
President of Front Range Community College

Janet is quick to build soul in a class. Her students have been among the top performers on GED tests.

Louise Cain
Retired GED Chief Examiner and
Developer of the computerized GED scoring system

Ms. Scarpone continues to demonstrate her passion and commitment to her students and their learning through this video system. She is instrumental in expanding our GED classes and is innovative in new course offerings.

Liz Lebron
San Diego Board of Education

Janet Scarpone is highly recognized amongst her students because she is committed to helping others learn through innovative methods.

George H. Waters
Retired Mayor of National City
, CA

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